Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I'm trying to remember how to publish videos effectively. Until then, I did find out how to upload video from imovie to YouTube. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Flipper Boy

I hope these two movies have worked. If they have, then this one will show you why he´s flipper boy lately.
So here’s our flipper boy. We keep him warm in this suit that’s a little too big for him. He’s already grown out of the nice warm suit Maureen gave him. It was wonderful while he fit in it, but he’s four and a half months old and already ready for 6-9 month clothes (it’s the length). He doesn’t fit into 3-6 anymore. He just hit 7 kilos (about 15.4 pounds) last Thursday. He doesn’t like to perform for the camera (I ain’t your circus monkey, mommy!), so this smile you’re getting should make you feel really lucky.

My little Boy

Ok, I had a brainwave. I could prep all my stuff to put up at home at my own leisurely pace and then just quickly upload them when George and I go to his office. It’s not nearly so fun to think of all the things to share when under pressure. So many people to write, so many things to say; I’m glad that I finally (with some help) thought of a way to get some long-awaited pictures out to family and friends. This is the most recent one of joe. He’s had a cold, and it’s tough to get a smile out of him, but he’s still our happy little boy overall. We had a great Christmas. Joe got some toys for his mobile just as he was starting to really take notice of it and grab and pull things. We’re still waiting on his commando crawl, but he’s liking the time on his tummy a lot more now than he did before. He’s turning from his back to his side pretty reliably now too. He can turn from his stomach to his back sometimes, but he can’t really remember how to do it most of the time reliably yet. George got a lot of chocolate for Christmas, and I got some really beautiful place mats and a table runner for our nice new table. (we need to protect it somehow).

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Flour Flour Everywhere, and not a bit to bake

. . . Or at least until recently. Sorry guys, no photo this time. I had a great idea for this post yesterday night, but I forgot to take the pictures. Here in Germany everyone sells flour, but yeast, baking soda, baking powder and cream of tartar are really difficult to find. One store had yeast (only), another had only baking soda. I finally found baking powder last Saturday (they didn't have baking soda - or yeast I think). I'm still looking for cream of tartar. I heard you can find it at a German pharmacy (where they sell monistat but not nursing pads). Strange place, Germany, sometimes. Anyway, until a few days ago I wondered why in the world sell all that flour when there's nothing to leaven it? Don't try to tell me that all the Germans bake their own flatbread, dumplings, and nothing else? (I think even dumplings take baking soda). And please don't tell me they're all eating tortillas. Even that takes baking powder. Anyway, having found yeast, we made pizza twice this week. Fresh mozzarella, prociutto, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, salami milano, roasted bell peppers (we had a couple of different kinds of pizza). . . it was great. We had Ingo and Margret over for dinner last night and showed them phase ten. They had a lot of fun. Speaking of phase 10 and other card games. We found a place that sells tons of toys (we saw a German phase 10 there). It's rather expensive, but there's no place like Wal-mart (or even Target) here. Remind me to tell you why Wal-Mart failed in Germany (yes, I said failed, . . . miserably). It's pretty cool.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sleeping with his eyes open

Okay, he's not on his boppy this time, but he's been doing this slightly eerie trick of sleeping with his eyes open. Maybe he's trying to grow up to be a wizard. Well, the poor little tyke's cold has turned to a cough (me too). We've been getting good at going out anyway, though. I promise that I'll start taking pictures of Germany instead of Joe, but he's growing so fast. He'll be three months tomorrow (I'll see if I can't take some video). I've decided to get out of panic mode (forcefully) and start planning things like Christmas and Thanksgiving. That's so much less stressful (at this point in time) and so much more fun. I've still got some unhappy to dos (like moving again next week), but soon I'll put up cookie recipes and other fun stuff to prepare for Christmas. Until then, enjoy the creepy cute stare of a sleeping Joe.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Maybe I Could Yodel

Sometimes I just don't feel like getting up in the morning. Sometimes I just don't have the time/energy to publish my blog. Sometimes life's just hard to get going. Joe's had a cold this past week, and is having trouble not letting mommy sleep at night. He's also having trouble eating and breathing at the same time, necessitating the use of that bulbous blue snot sucker, which he hates. So this morning when George went out to breakfast I called him back and said, "take him! take him! Put him on his Boppy while you eat! Let me sleep!" I felt guilty later because it almost made him late to work, if not late to class. But, even though Joe's still feeling rather like this:

I feel like letting out a good ole cowboy yipee kai yai yay! Why? I just remembered! We signed for our new apartment yesterday. The only thing that's even more sure is when they put the key's into our hand and we sleep there. Not only that, but we also got paid today. Yay! I can finally balance the budget (almost). There's still a few things that we can get the government to give us (something called the Kindergeld for one: everyone gets paid for having a kid - about 150 Euros a month I think). Every little bit helps. It's nice to have things like that working.